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Behold Ltd. was established in 2003 and is a holding company responsible for our groupsoverall strategies. Since the very beginning, our focus areas are retail & commercial real estate. We tend to seize new opportunities and develop new strategies along with trends of the emerging markets. We create long term values. We develop and operate immobile and businesses. Our goal is to become one of the leading retail and real estate developers and operators in the Baltic & Balkan, CEE/CIS regions. We offer unique investment portfolios and partnership both in these regions and others.

Our vision is to rapidly create a solid investment portfolio, and depending on the volumes and growth decide the exit strategy either to long term investment funds or an IPO to the open market within year 2018-2020.

We are in favor of partners and have more projects than equity ourselves, but the participation %, influence and regulations from any Board of Directors must be limited. Experience shows that the best way to secure growth is to go full speed, and not use the brakes to often. If we go fast enough within our field of speciality, we can afford the minor mistakes that could appear, they tend to be forgotten if we make 10 times as many positive things in the same period.

Behold are negotiating and want to start cooperation with one or several private equity funds and investor groups. The funds have shown interest, and we approved as a management group to be responsible for projects of sustainable value (50-500 MEUR).