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Optimizing support!

— Knut Kvisvik, CEO/ Board Member


Mission, Vision, Organization development


Turn-around-profitability, Targets and progress plans

Growth plan

Mergers & Acquisitions, Preparation / Implementation


Asset management, Fundraising/ Financing

BEHOLD, a limited liability company since 2003 engaged for severe Strategic Management implementations across different departments, sectors, sizes and countries, also multinational clients. Retail, Real Estate, Logistics, Production, IT/ Digitization, Sales/Service & Marketing, Human resources functions and focus areas.

Our vision is to participate to a healthy cooperation between Owners + the Board of Directors versus the employees of companies when implementing their strategies aiming for common defined targets and goals in harmony.

Our mission to stimulate definition of the Client company strategies, and support sustainable implementations to their operational setup and routines.

Behold strive to adjust to status of progress from start-up-, growth- or exit- phases, aligned to all stakeholders interests, and implement changes either before or after the M&A transactions.

'' The goal of coaching is good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources ''

— Harvard Business Review