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B Hyper

B hyper - focuses on major commercial locations with regional importance - shopping centers & retail parks with the ultimate mix of local and global experience for daily or weekly shopping.


B hyper management team has wide experience from a number of Western, Central and Eastern European countries already for 15- 20 years. From the very beginning of planning stores in new markets all the way to keeping on top of the situation as a market leader in the industry.

The B-hyper Concept is worked out by experts within several departments and secures the optimal flow of both goods, consumers and communication within the store layout, which is crusial to make success in a tough competitive environment of strong global actors and solid traditional local players.   

B hyper will secure the local concept adjustments in any area of development. We believe in the saying: “all business is local” and therefore we want to bring our knowledge to consumers in a well respected manner keeping the local traditions and maybe contributing with new ideas on top.

B hyper will always participate in the local communities among the consumers in an area. Sponsorships or support to local organizations will be a priority to our PR  and marketing department.

B hyper focuses on local fundamental assortment with an attractive spread of international taste-winners and additional non-food actively changing by season and efficiently securing turnover and results.

B hyper focuses on a pleasant atmosphere and a  bright, colored environment within the correct equipped stores, in order to fulfill all the factors possible for a positive shopping experience in any individual case.

B hyper focuses on staff training, in order to keep the offered service attitude on top level in every individual situation. The pleasure of offering the best service attitude, gives natural motivation to succeed.

B hyper focuses on utilizing knowledge to the best, and secure this by correctly leveled internal control systems in order to reach the efficiency and results as targeted. Flexibility will optimize the process, but all the general routines will be standardized.


B hyper are already negotiating a development strategy for the Baltic States and Belarus. We have initiated proposals towards active private equity funds in the respective areas, and our goal is to acheivie a TOP 3 status within the next 2-3 years. This is planned to be the approval of our rights of existence as a concept, and the point of roll out for CEE/ CIS.

B hyper are negotiating a separate development of one store (5000 m2) in Croatia (5 million inhabitants)

B hyper are analyzing several of  the Balkan States as a potential development area for the next 3- 5 years.

B hyper have analyzed and planned a roll out development of our concept stores in all of the 24 “oblats” or separate regions of Ukraine. (49 million inhabitants)

B hyper is a flexible system concept, and can be implemented in any country where the locations allow still allow it. Poland, Czech Republic as well as Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia, could be interesting markets in a further strategy after the 5 year startup plan.