Aigars Abolins

Board member

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Knuts Kvisviks

Board member

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Controls a set of smaller portfolios, consisting of both existing (operating) power stations, and future projects. The power stations are producing different kind of green energy from water, wind or various co- generation installations.

Offer investment possibilities in portfolios for development on top of existing operating cash-flow stations to minimize risk. The long term agreement with the state energy company secure the stabile cash flows and monthly regular income.

Has project managers in the field continuously to be on top of all new projects and technological development in this industry. This is a need in order to secure the efficiency  in every station to a maximum performing level.

Provides contacts among investors and developers within the industry, and secure the future communication through co- investments and long term partnership in any language preferred. 



Developing of  green energy plant portfolio of assets valued @ 65-75M € within 2-3 years with following sale to investment funds.


The Team

Our team operates 10 Hydro energy plants and 1 co-generated plant in Latvia.


YTD value @ 25M € and Annual NOI @ 2.7M €.



Marketing opportunities:


Green energy market in Latvia currently stands for 5-6% and it should reach at least 20-25% by EU regulations.

Market is rather "closed for outsiders".


Amongst benefits of the sector we should mention:

  • Guaranteed and foreseeable income;
  • Minimal human resource impact;
  • Minimal Working capital needs.


We offer:


Pre-selected objects for acquisitions and development;

Professional management team with 10 years industry experience;

ROE of 12-16%

Share value @ Exit of ~10M €.


We look for...:


Strong equity partner for JV with capital for investment of 5-10M €